Needle Felting Tools

The hand tools we carry are from FeltCrafts. These tools are of the highest quality. They are made of hand-tooled aluminum, well balanced, very lightweight, easy and comfortable to use. All tools come with 38 gauge triangle point needles.

Two-Needle Tool

Holds 2 needles, unscrews to change needles. Can be use with a single needle.



Four-Needle Tool

Holds 4 needles but can be used with one to four needles.



Adapter Kit for Machine Felting

Convert an existing machine to a needle felting machine. it needs to be a machine you don’t mind dedicating to this purpose. All it needs is to be able to straight stitch. The converted machine is great for abstract projects, back-ground and the final securing of more detailed work.



Replacement Needles

– All Replacement needles are all-purpose felting needles size 38 Gauge Triangle point. Pack of three replacement 38 gauge needles