Needle Felting Supplies

Foam Pad for Work Surface

Dense charcoal grey foam for great needle-felting work surface. Protects you from the sharp points. 9″ X 12″ X 1 1/2″


The Hill Palettes



Rainbow Palette

Wool roving in fourteen bright clear colors. Good basic selection.



Variegated Palette

Six different color blends of wool roving, darker and self-shading. Available in .3oz individual bags for $6.00 each.



Parchment Palette

Wool roving in dark to light shades of the same color, also self-highlighting. Available in .3oz individual bags for $6.00 each.



White or Grey Natural Color Wool Roving

Good for padding to give depth in 2-D work. Also stretches the more expensive dyed roving.

Please Note: The gray shades will vary in color depending on the fleece.