Custom Spun Yarns


Heavy sport weight (worsted) yarn. All natural color.

50% llama / 50% merino

Processed & spun by Ohio Valley Natural Fiber for The Hill. This group of yarns is spun from the hair of our llamas plus merino produced in the USA. Merino is a very fine wool. This yarn feels great, knits & crochets beautifully and felts great.

Our standard 3 colors of Red Brown, Dark Brown and Red & Dark Brown Tweed are available in +/- 4 oz skeins of approximately 300 yards.


Custom Spun Yarn in two weights

This is a luxury blend of yarn, processed and custom spun for The Hill by Ohio Valley Natural Fiber. It is a blend of 65% American merino / 30% kid mohair / 5% tussah silk, and is pill resistant. The kid mohair is from our own angora goats. This is a hand dyed collection. The natural is a creamy white.

Check with Nita using our Contact form, or call 434-821-8854 for color availability or custom dyeing.

Jacquard acid dyes were used. This collection was dyed using a technique that produces variegation of the same color. This yarn has a great hand and knits up and crochets beautifully.


Handspun Yarns

A selection of hand spun yarns is available. The price and fiber availability vary.

We also spin the hair of the miniature llamas from The Very Little Llama Farm and have hair available by the ounce for hand spinners. The miniature llama produces a very fine silky, lustrous fiber which spins by the handful like Angora. The fleece also has beautiful variegation and hand spinning without carding compliments this characteristic. In breeding the miniature, the stiff guard hair was accidentally bred out.

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Wool and Hair Fleeces Raw to Roving

Wool and hair are available as raw, washed, or carded into roving or batts.  Check with Nita as to availability and price. Wool from our mixed breed flock is available. Their fleeces are very fine to course. in a variety of natural colors.

We offer Raw, Washed, Picked and Carded and Roving.

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Miniature Llama

In breeding the miniatures the stiff guard hair, found in the standard llama fleeces, was bred out.  Their hair is strong, fine and silky. Spun 100% it is hypo-allergenic and knits up with lots of drape.  Blending it with a percentage of fine wool will give the finished knit body.  The hair especially the Cria 1st Fleece can be spun by the handful like Angora bunny hair. the hair does not need to be washed as it has no lanolin plus the fleeces I purchase From The Very Little Llama Farm are super clean.

We offer Adult Raw & Carded into batts as well as Cria Raw, for standard Llama/Merino Blend Roving.

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The hair produced by most of our Angora Goats is very fine, high quality strong and silky. In both the adult and kid.  We have White,Charcoal to silver gray and some Badger tri- color. Other exotic, luxury and novelty fiber available on occasion usually in limited amounts, such as Wolf Hair, Dog Hair ( Samoyed and Great Pyrenees Known as poor man’s angora).

We offer Adult Raw, Washed, picked and Carded into batts, Roving and Kid Washed.

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