Needle Felting Supplies

Foam Pad for Work Surface

Dense charcoal grey foam for great needle-felting work surface. Protects you from the sharp points. 9″ X 12″ X 1 1/2″


The Hill Palettes

The roving is selected by Kathryn for color and texture. We order it from other cottage industries.

Rainbow PalletteRainbow Palette

Wool roving in fourteen bright clear colors. Good basic selection.

4 oz.          $20.00         



Variegated PalletteVariegated Palette

Seven different color blends of wool roving, darker and self-shading.

5 oz.          $27.00         

2 oz.          $13.50         



Parchment PalletteParchment Palette

Wool roving in dark to light shades of the same color, also self-highlighting.

4 oz.          $25.00         

2 oz.          $12.50         



White or Grey Natural Color Wool Roving

Good for paddinig to give depth in 2-D work. Also stretches the more expensive dyed roving.

4 oz.          $11.00