As one of our fiber art customers, you help create your item. You can furnish a picture and information that make it unique to you! Many of the fibers we use are produced by our own animals, therefore grown and made in the USA. we purchase other exotic and luxury fibers from other farms. The tools and supplies we carry are to help our customers create their own art or craft pieces. We hope to help preserve knowledge of traditional art forms and craft skills.We look forward to working with you. Nita is available to present two programs for schools libraries, museums, quilting guilds and fiber guilds. Call 434-665-2632 or email her at fleecenchinacreations@gmail.com. for more information. “Scrapbooking through Quilting” is a timeline presentation from the mid-19th century to present and each quilt reveals about the quilters and period in which they lived.S“Colonial Clothing”is a presentation of colonial clothing,making, care and a comparison with today’s availability. A spinning demonstration is included.  Can serve as compliment to the SOLs.IMG_1980IMG_2819